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Refund and Replacement Policy – updated requirements for claim

As of 6th December, All the orders will have an added condition for refund or replacement claim.

If you receive the package which has cuts on sides or top, please mention the same to delivery person and if possible, click a picture. If the package looks tampered, open it in front of delivery person with video proof.

We now request all our customers to record a video while opening the package. This video will help us identify fraudulent customers as well as mischievous gangs who are responsible for thefts. It will also ensure that your refund claim is approved and you get replacement of items also. You can send this video via whatsapp while contacting us. The video should show full package in frame.

We at Malpani’s Stop really work hard to provide your order with accuracy and on time. But as a company, we also have to secure our interest against such thieves and dishonest people.

Thank You very much for your understanding and support.

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